About The Comic

Charlotte Crivens, was tragically superorphaned at the tender age of twenty-whatever, when a septic tank exploded at a reunion she had forgotten to attend, killing her entire family. Using her many modest inheritances, she bought a supernaturally dreadful neighborhood, full of all manner of monsters and weirds and dorks on Craigslist and left her hometown of Hometown Wyoming for Grisley… the forgotten borough of New York that nobody likes to talk about.


About The Artist

Good evening.  I'm Jeremiah Von Hause, (or GhostHause) and I'm an illustrator and writer from Wiltshire, in England (we have Stonehenge and Nicolas Cage and not much else, it's complicated* ). If you're at all familiar with me, I'm guessing it's from Litterbox Comics, which I co-write with my wife Francesca (the weirder strips are me). I've been watching her audience grow over these past few years and I've loved reading your comments and seeing the fan art and I've decided that maybe I could do this too?

Greetings From Grisley is a bit different. Grisley is everything I think is cool or funny or interesting, stuffed into the best looking comic I know how to make and chopped into story arcs, with as many gags as its very odd premise will support. I have so many stories to tell you and so many characters for you to meet, and with support through things like Patreon, I can do that full time.  As I understand it, if we feed this thing enough attention and money, it will poop out more comics and art and rewards and eventually some sort of animation (that's The Plan).

If this sounds fun to you, then climb aboard. We're going to go to some weird places and do some weird stuff.


* Oh, I'm hearing we lost Nicolas Cage.